A-Level Preparation

Michaela Sixth Form, Wembley

Wherever you study, A-levels are very challenging. There is a huge amount to learn in just 18 months.

At Michaela6th, we aim for the best grades and places at excellent universities, so the leap from GCSE to A-level is even more challenging. Most Russell Group universities demand A*s and As at A-level.

Across the country:

  • Pupils achieving 7s in all their GCSEs normally achieve Cs at A-level.
  • Pupils achieving 8s in all their GCSEs normally achieve Bs at A-level.
  • Pupils achieving 9s in all their GCSEs normally achieve Bs and As at A-level.

This means that if you are hoping to attend a Russell Group university, you must work far harder than the majority of A-level students to achieve the necessary A* and A grades at A-level.

Specialist teachers have created bespoke preparation work for all of our incoming Year 12 students. You can find this work below.

Checklist for September

  1. Download the preparatory material for your chosen subjects.
  2. Spend approximately 10 hours per subject, completing the tasks set.
  3. Record the work that you are doing and ensure you bring this work in when you arrive in September.
  4. You will be given a diagnostic test, to check your suitability for each subject. This test will include material covered in the resources below. Ensure that you have committed the material to memory.